How to download and unlock Awesome Clock?

First of all, thank you for buying Awesome Clock via Gumroad. This clock face starts as 3 days trial version then what you will see is a pay wall with a numeric code being displayed on your Fitbit watch.

In case you have not downloaded Awesome Clock into your Fitbit watch then follows the Download instruction, if you have already downloaded then skip to activation instructions.

Download Instruction:
РOn your cellphone, open this link
(it is important to open it on your phone, the link will not download the clock face if you open it on your laptop or other devices)
РThen it should open your Fitbit Mobile App and from there you can load the Awesome Clock into your Fitbit Watch. 

Activation Instruction:
– After 3 days trial period expires, you will see a numeric code displayed in your Fitbit Watch.
– Once you see the numeric code displayed in your Fitbit Watch, please email us the numeric code and your email id via
– Once we get your email with numeric code and email id, we will unlock it.
– Once it gets unlocked, you should be able to use Awesome Clock without any interruptions.